Mukul Mehta

Ad interim President, International, since September 15, 2023*

Nationality: French/Indian | Year of birth: 1973

As ad interim President, International, Mukul Mehta focuses on strengthening and growing the company’s business in Europe, Asia/Africa/Australasia, Canada and Latin America..

In conjunction with his ad interim role, Mukul Mehta is Chief Financial Officer (CFO), International, a position he has held since April 2022.

Mukul brings several decades of financial and institutional knowledge to his roles. Previously he was CFO of the company’s Pharmaceuticals business unit from 2019 until 2022. During his career at Novartis, Mukul has held country- and regional-level CFO positions across the business, and has worked in the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and France. He joined Novartis in 2003.

Before joining Novartis, Mukul worked in the heavy engineering and banking sectors in India.

Originally from India, Mukul has dual French and Indian nationality. He speaks English, French and Hindi.

Outside of Novartis, Mukul enjoys all things related to football and travelling with his wife and two children.

* Novartis has appointed Patrick Horber as President, International, effective later this year. Mukul Mehta is assuming the role on an ad interim basis.