Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Novartis is a place to innovate, experiment and scale AI-based solutions.
Dr. Luca Finelli demonstrates to his team members the interface of the predictive module Sense on a screen.

Our commitment to ethical and responsible use of AI

AI is helping Novartis improve patients’ lives and optimize the healthcare ecosystem. We are committed to deploying AI systems in a transparent and re

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AI Nurse set to transform standards of care for heart failure patients in China

A new AI-enabled disease management tool in China aims to improve the lives of millions of patients with heart failure.

Leprosy diagnosis using a smartphone

Accelerating leprosy diagnosis with skin images and AI

The Novartis Foundation has been selected by Microsoft as a partner for the AI for Health initiative, a new five-year program that aims to use AI to e


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Introducing the Novartis AI for Life Residency Program

The first-of-its-kind for the healthcare industry, this 12-month program aims to give recent data science graduates and researchers an unprecedented o


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Accelerating our digital transformation with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We are collaborating with AWS to build an enterprise-wide data and analytics platform to help transform business operations, starting with the way med

"I'm really proud of how our teams are already starting to work together. Co-creating solutions with bi-weekly sprints in a true product mindset."

Bertrand Bodson Chief Digital Officer


AI Innovation Lab

Novartis and Microsoft collaborate to transform medicine with artificial intelligence.

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AI at Novartis

As part of our commitment to reimagining medicine, we're using data to help us create transformative medicines that improve people’s lives.

"From big tech, to academia, to the startup community – we need an ecosystem of partners to really advance AI in life sciences"

Shahram Ebadollahi Head of Data Science and AI



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