In an era when global health challenges are greater than ever, and where medical science is advancing at an unprecedented rate, we have the opportunity to make a real difference for patients and society.
Explore how we are focusing where we can have the greatest impact; in therapeutic areas where there are high unmet patient needs.

Imagine a world where disease doesn’t stop you living your life on your own terms. Where treatment happens with you, not to you. Where medicines reduce the burden of disease for people and society. At Novartis, our teams are more energized than ever to work together and with partners in industry and academia to turn scientific breakthroughs into medicines that change lives.

Together, let’s reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives.

Areas of focus

A healthcare professional and senior patient in a conversation using a tablet

Cardiovascular, renal and metabolic

Transforming the treatment and healthcare system landscape using early interventions, pioneering treatments, and innovative partnerships to avoid preventable mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD), the world’s biggest killer, and ease the burden for people living with rare and progressive kidney disease by extending dialysis-free life.

A healthcare professional taking the blood pressure of a female patient


Working to create a world where the millions of people with immunological conditions, and those who treat them, can live without compromise.

A nurse and patient engaged in a hug


Creating a transformational impact for people living with severe neurological conditions and their caregivers by discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines that change the course of disease progression.

A doctor and patient discussing medical results on a tablet


Combining the power of science and empathy to unravel the inner workings of cancer and develop innovative therapies that restore hope to those with cancer and their loved ones.