Collaborations with leading academic institutes and life sciences companies advance our research and development.

Our research benefits from an external network of more than 300 academic and 100 industry alliances focused on areas of mutual scientific interest. Collaborations can boost efficiency and accelerate progress by facilitating access to ideas, capabilities and talent not always available within our walls. By joining forces with external innovators to pursue shared scientific interests, we can increase the breadth and depth of the science covered.

Building success together

We seek collaborations that:

  • Support breakthrough science focused on research of mutual interest
  • Access new biological insights, innovative drug discovery technologies and novel drug modalities and drug-delivery approaches
  • Gain access to drug discovery programs and drug candidates that seek to address significant unmet medical need
  • Explore science outside the current internal strategy that have the potential to set future biomedical directions

Through our open approach to drug discovery, we are focusing on new technologies to develop the next generation of therapeutics. We are teamed up with leading academic experts and biotechnology companies in fields such as oncology, immuno-oncology, ophthalmology, regenerative medicine, neuroscience and immunology.

Collaborations help energize emerging fields of biomedicine and enable us to tackle longstanding research challenges. We are currently working with Orionis Biosciences to more rapidly identify and prioritize new targets at a genome-wide scale. By combining our expertise in drug discovery and development with their innovative technology, we aim to seek out historically elusive targets and work to bring novel small molecule therapeutics to patients more quickly.

Together with the University of California, Berkeley we opened a center focused on the portion of the proteome that has been historically difficult to drug with small molecules. This collaboration organizes a diverse group of leading experts around a major challenge in drug discovery. Using emerging technologies to identify protein binding pockets and starting points for new therapeutics, our teams together with collaborators at Berkeley, are working to target hard to reach proteins that have long evaded drug hunters.

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Open Source Science

Novartis is pioneering new informatics tools for drug discovery. We believe in the power of open-sourced, global collaboration for the greater good. Join us to help patients worldwide.

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