Driven by our passion for patients and grounded in our industry-leading pipeline of 45+ different compounds across 70+ development programs, Novartis is rapidly advancing novel cancer treatment approaches in areas of great medical need.

May 23, 2022

Every person’s cancer journey takes a different path

One of the challenges of cancer is that there’s no single way to treat it, and sometimes no clear right way.

Our disease areas

At Novartis, we push the limits of science to create technologies and platforms — from targeted and radioligand therapies, to cell and gene technologies, to immunotherapy — with potential to be new foundations for cancer care in areas with great unmet need.

A doctor and a patient

Breast cancer

Novartis is committed to driving measurable change with efforts to address disparities in breast cancer care. Our priority over the past 30 years and today is to deliver targeted therapies to potentially improve quality of life and extend lives for those diagnosed with breast cancer as we work toward a cure.


Patient in his bed visited by his wife

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. With one of the most diverse drug development programs in the industry, our work in lung cancer is focused on making an impact for patients around the world. At Novartis, we are advancing the science to drive treatment for lung cancer.


A doctor and a patient

Prostate cancer

We are harnessing the innovation of our world-class scientists, strategic partnerships, and one of the industry’s most competitive pipelines to explore the potential of our targeted radioligand therapy platform to address the unmet needs in prostate cancer. Our goal is to reduce the global disease burden, extend the lives of patients with prostate cancer, and elevate current standards of care.


HCP and patient


From targeted therapies, to precision cell and gene therapy, and immunotherapy – we have been pioneers in hematology, staying on the cutting edge in order to tackle blood cancers and serious blood disorders. Our research continues in new and different ways to harness the power of immunotherapy and potentially benefit a broader patient population than ever before. We are changing the hematological paradigm, transforming what it means to live with blood cancer or a serious blood disorder.